Month: July 2017

Ekhaya Brewery | Craft Beer Manufacturer

[full_width] [masterslider id=”17″] [/full_width] [full_width] Ekhaya Brewery | Craft Beer Manufacturer [/full_width] [two_third] Ekhaya Brewery is a craft beer manufacturer that produces two main craft beers called “Jwarha” and “Dlamini”. Jwarha is an African Lager that is known for its rich and earthy taste, it was named after Khanyi Pupuma’s (Founder) Xhosa family clan. Dlamini is […]

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Moeng Winery | Wine Making

[full_width] [masterslider id=”16″] [/full_width] [full_width] Moeng Winery | Wine Making [/full_width] [two_third] Moeng Winery is a wine making company established by Retshegofetse Moeng. It caters for the ambitious professionals/individuals who want to identify with a wine brand that communicates success, power, ambition, vision, and greatness. Moeng Winery sources its grapes from the best farms across South […]

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Flushy | Water Flush Solutions

[full_width] [masterslider id=”15″] [/full_width] [full_width] Flushy | Water Flush Solutions [/full_width] [two_third] Flushy SA is a company that manufactures a device called “The Flushy” which is a plumbing retrofit device that allows one to easily convert large single flush cisterns to a multi-flush system. The device is able to save 50% and more of water disposed […]

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