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[full_width] [masterslider id=”10″] [/full_width] [full_width] | Arts and Crafts [/full_width] [two_third] is an arts and crafts centre that sell locally produced wooden box name-boards, frames and notice boards, a range of wooden cut-outs, paint brushes, glitter, beads and assorted crafty products. We can cater for groups of up to 30 people and welcome group […]

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Shova Lifestyle Origin | Art, Fashion and Tours

[full_width] [masterslider id=”5″] [/full_width] [full_width] Shova Lifestyle Origin  | Art, Fashion, Tours [/full_width] [two_third] Shova Lifestyle Origin is a lifestyle entity that is comprised of two sub entities which are; Shova Lifestyle Origins Boutique, Shova Vilakazi Rides and the Vilakazi Street Night Market which is a platform for local artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their […]

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